There is something incredibly hopeful about a fresh stART

An artist’s studio is where creativity takes place and has an influence on ideas and the artwork. It is necessary to give importance to an artist’s workplace to provide growth and to create a comfortable environment. Art is about the state of mind and an artist expresses their thoughts and feelings through colors, techniques, and mediums. A comfortable environment can inspire artists and help us create lots of great work together. Recently ZDot Designs Studios has made a move and we are in the process of creating our new studio! What would you want us to add or get more of in our new studio? We cannot wait to continue our journey at this new studio and continue to create art and have fun together. Although the circumstances are different this year, the new year provides new opportunities and gives us a way to create and share artwork in different ways. We are looking forward to seeing what this year brings and are hoping to see you all in our studio sometime this year.